Three random thoughts

It's field trip today with my job. I get paid to watch "Toy Story 3" and eat free pizza. Life is hard! Boo hoo for me! (yeah, I know. Not really. I'm looking forward to it. The only downside is that Hayley and Matt can't come with)

People in hospitals are on my mind today. Jim (not my husband) and Larry, we are thinking of you and hoping for good things.

Staying in a motel three blocks from an ocean beach sounds wonderful--I might actually get to do it for three days next month.


Jen said…
Boy, what a difficult job you've got...LOL. We never got to go on a field trip when I did the school childcare. No fair! I liked Toy Story 3, we seen it at the drive-in this summer. Yes, we "seen" it!

When you say Jim is in the hospital, are you talking about your father-in-law? I hope nothing serious, if it is. Pass on our thoughts and prayers.
Jenni said…
Three random responses:
1. I like your new background. I actually verbalized an "ohhh" and I'm the only one home!
2. Lucky. I've only seen TS3 once and that is not enough to really understand the meaning and symbolism.
3. The beach and a motel sounds nice and where is it? And 3a is I hope things are well with Jim and Larry (whose mom made liver, too).
Jen, yeah, my job is HARD! Especially when I can eat as much pizza as I want.

Jenni-Jim and I are going to San Jose next month and we are staying in Santa Cruz! My camera is going to get a good workout.