Stay at home Saturday

Today was the first day in a week that I felt capable of doing housework for an extended period of time. I was a madwoman in the basement...mostly because certain people don't pick up their clean socks and put them away, nor do people move the dumbbells to vacuum. We are just generally a bunch of lazy pigs in this house.

We still had all the detritus from the recent computer switch sitting on the two-couch. I had to clean all that off and sort it out. I cleaned off the computer desk.

I had noticed earlier in the day when I went to take a picture with my camera that my battery charger was missing! I panicked for a while. How was I to photograph the cats without a battery??? How was I to document the Halloween decoration set up? How was I to record further installments in the never-ending parade of pictures of band concerts and running meets?

In my dedication to cleaning the two-couch, I was rewarded because I found the battery charger while I was cleaning up the computer-switch mess. I don't know how the charger got there. Perhaps the cats squirreled it away so I couldn't take their pictures anymore.

Anyway, in addition to cleaning up some of the basement embarrassment, I am scanning a photo album. It's my oldest album, dating back to before I was married.

Wanna see a few pictures? No? Well, I do. Even if it makes me face just how much weight I've gained since I was a young lady. Oh well. Cake is good.

This is Jenni, Jessie, and me back in the late spring of 1988.
This was taken at my cousin Annie's wedding in 1988. Back row, Jessica and Jenni. Front row, me and Sam (Sandy). I sewed the dress I was wearing. I'd love to have that dress (and fit into it).
Ha! I still loved to play dress-up and pose, even at age 20. This was a dress my mother wore as a bridesmaid back in the early 60s.

My husband before he was my husband. At this point, he was my fiance of two days.
My favorite Twins player. Dan the Man Gladden. While visiting Jim during the summer of 1988 (and on the day after he proposed--we didn't have a ring yet, so nobody knew but the two of us), he took me to my first outdoor major league baseball game. The Twins played the A's in a double header and trounced them both games. I think Jim almost broke up with me right then and there (not really) because I was so enamored of Dan and because I was such a "sore" winner. I was not quiet about my affiliation. Jim's two friends who came along didn't like me much after I rubbed both wins in their faces with much annoying superiority.
PS. Dan Gladden is still a cutie-patootie.


Jen said…
So glad to hear that you're feeling better and are getting up and around. Isn't it amazing how much junk piles up around our computers. I kind of cleaned out our computer desk the other day, and I found stuff from when we first moved here and the crocheted lovies book. Now I've got the fever to make another of Franklin's brother for Violet.

P.S. What a relief that you found your battery charger, too. Which reminds of a story when Mike "lost" his charger. He totally blamed me for it and made me order him a replacement. When we moved from our house in D.C. guess what we found? Mike's charger nestled in Mike's school crap. Hmmm.
Jenni said…
Nice to stay around the house on a Saturday! There are so many areas of focus in my house that need a good cleaning. I'm just lucky if I get done what NEEDS to be done at that moment. Someday, it will be cleaned out and we'll find things we had lost. I also found my battery charger recently and was joyous beyond belief.

I really liked all the old pictures and wish I was cute again.