Things I did not get done this weekend

1. I did not get the Halloween decorations out, much less get them arranged in tasteful and intriguing arrangements (you should know that I don't have any kind of decorating sense so any kind of artsy display of any of the crap I shovel out onto the horizontal--and vertical--spaces of my house is purely by accident).

2. I did not make a dinner menu for this week. I am lost without my menu. I resort to serving pizza or I pretend to be so busy that I let the children fix ramen for themselves. Despite what my children think about it, this is BAD.

3. Corollary to #2, no menu=no grocery list. No grocery list=no grocery shopping. No grocery shopping=no decent food in the house. No decent food in the house=pizza or ramen for dinner. Which you already know=bad.

4. I did not study poetry. I've been putting off taking the midterm and I vowed to study this weekend so I can take the test. But alas. I did not.

5. I did not write up my seminary lessons for this week either. I will probably be up late doing my lesson for tomorrow tonight. This is not good. I need to sleep.

6. I did not clean my side of the bedroom. It's getting pretty cluttered and it seems that even the laundry baskets want me to clean. They are congregating on my side of the room begging me to put dirty clothes in them. (I hate it when laundry baskets beg)

7. I did not sew anything this weekend. I should have.

8. I did not clean off the two-couch downstairs so the cats can have somewhere to sleep other than the floor and the couch that is supposed to be only for human beings to sit on.

9. I did not blog. Acres of bloggable space went unused when I didn't post! No old random pictures were uploaded and captioned and/or labeled with curious thoughts and forced upon you.

10. What did I do then if I didn't do all that stuff I had intended to do? I got nice and sick this weekend. It wasn't on my to-do list, but I did it and I feel like I should at least cross something off the list. So, check! I got good and feverish, hacked up many a phlegm wad, lit a fire inside BOTH eyeballs, commandeered all the good blankets downstairs, and slept fitfully in an upright sitting position. And like the good and charitable person that I am striving to become, I shared whatever virus I had with those around me.

And that was my weekend. How was yours?


Jen said…
If I was a list person, then my whole list would probably be non-done items. This is why I'm not a list person.
Dennis said…
I'm thorry your were thick and Ihope you are on the road to recovery (just don't take the wrong exit).
Jenni said…
Sometime I wish I could get sick and stay in bed. I better not say that though. I'm sorry you were not well. I hope you are weller now. So that you can get your Halloween decor out. Mine is only out because it isn't in the garage anymore.