OK I'm back from busy-land. Temporarily. I won't bore you with details from my calendar for tomorrow and Thursday, let it suffice to say that I am excited and at the same time exhausted already.

I am happy this Halloween season. This makes me happy:

Yes, it looks sort of creepy and probably not altogether tastefully or pleasingly arranged, but it represents something that I have craved for years....

A coffee table (not that I drink coffee...I don't. But what else can I call it so that you would instantly know what I was talking about?) on which I can put seasonal displays without fear of some little preschool-age kid getting into it.

After 20+ years of raising children and 7 years babysitting, FINALLY there are NO MORE preschool-age kids who regularly frequent this house.

So my coffee table can do what I want it to do: exist horizontally for the sole purpose of displaying items.

In the future, the table will probably display items like homework, dirty dishes, iPods, phone chargers, cats, cat hair, wadded up tissues, Rubik's cubes, homeless Legos, candy wrappers, wadded up tape, to mention just a few things. But for now, it is Skull-city.


Jen said…
Very cool (and spooky) arrangement! I'm so envious of your ability to display decorations below 8 feet. There are still about 8+ years for me before I can trust little fingers from wrecking coffee table decorations in my home.

Speaking of coffee tables, Annie periodically asks why we call it that if we don't drink coffee. Then I told her it could also be called a cocktail table. Wait a second, that doesn't work either. What in the world can us Mormons call our living room tables (because living room tables is just too long to say)? Let's brainstorm and come up with something good.
Jenni said…
LOVE the arrangement. It is up my alley!! How nice to decorate at that level...until you have grandkids!

And I can't wait to hear about your today and Thursday!
Jen, you'll get there. It took me many years too. And I usually try to call the table "the little table" or "the living room table." I suppose I could call it Jimmy's footrest too.

Jenni--Two eight hour workdays (I know, I know. You work that every day. But really I'm not complaining. I'm just saying I'll be gone from home for a while) both with field trips. One to Toy Story 3 and one to a corn maze. I have wanted to go to the corn maze for AGES. Too bad I won't be taking Matt and Hayley who would love it.