How low can you go?

Hayley likes to play bass things. First the oon and now.... (bass-oon. get it? har!)

A few weeks ago, Hayley wanted to try out for the middle school jazz band on keyboard. The teacher had another idea in mind for her. She was intrigued.

And yesterday after school, that idea came home with Hayley.
Hayley is going to play bass guitar for jazz band.

Never mind that she has never even twanged a bass gee-tar before (or a regular one). Apparently, she will learn.

Just call her Pauline McCartney.


Jen said…
Wow! Hayley's going to be a rock star! She already looks so cool just holding her bass. Good luck, Hayley, with this new basscapade. Sorry it's the best I could do...LOL.
Jenni said…
As stated previously, Morgan is jealous. Congrats on another multi-instrumental child.
Dennis said…
When I see the word bass I'm never sure whether the writer is talking about a fish, an instrument or a voice. Fortunately the picture of Hayley cleared up my quandry, otherwise I may have thought of her playing a 5 lb lunker.
I am pround of her and her many talents.