Serious poetry is hard

But cheesy verse is easy.

As in I couldn't write awesome poetry last night because my brain was constipated with this:

I sleep when I get up too early
I sleep when I wake up too late
I sleep when my personality's surly
I sleep when I clean off my plate.

Sleep is the ultimate remedy
I use it to cure most of my ills
Sleep turns tragic to comedy
But alas, it won't pay the bills.

My brain utterly refuses to settle down and act serious when I tell it to.


Jen said…
I think that that poem was meant for me. It states my thoughts on sleep exactly.
Mike said…
Yeah, I feel really bad for you with your "errant brain". Want some real problems, try my brain on. I cant get it to focus on anything long enough even to write silly poetry. I guess I will keep my brain though, its good entertainment sometimes. Maybe write a "brain" poem, but not one thats all introspective and deep, and not one about zombies either...
Jenni said…
Tru dat. Sleep comes so easily these days. Sometimes I barely remember falling asleep the night before. And forget about a nap!

Your poetry is so much better than mine.
You don't have that lovely crown on your sidebar for nothin'. :)