Of course

Ten things on the day of Ten. (I got a little kick out of writing 10-10-10 on a letter today and thought I have to blog something to celebrate the convergence of the number ten. If only I hadn't had to get ready for church, I could have done it at 10:10 this morning. But alas)

So I'm going to list ten things about me. Most of which you'll probably know already. Or maybe you don't. Pay attention, there might be a quiz in November.

1. I don't like wearing shoes (or socks for that matter) in the house. I'll wear shoes (and socks) in other people's houses, but in my own, I prefer that my feet go au naturel. Not that I think my feet are good-looking, but because I use them as information gatherers. Is the floor clean? Bare feet can tell. Wearing shoes hinders that process, plus it makes me feel like I'm not in contact with the ground.
2. I like making up bingo cards. I have a set for Halloween, and one for birthdays. I am currently working on a set for seminary focused on scripture mastery. I don't necessarily like to PLAY bingo (because I never win), but I do like making the cards up.
3. My bracelet stash was increased by three this weekend when I got the finished products in the mail. I bought the beads, put them in the order I wanted them, then sent them to my personal bracelet finisher (she does all the heavy lifting for me). Now I have a bracelet to go with my awesome pinkish/purplish ruffled shirt.
4. I'd prefer a base 12 numbering system. I much prefer thinking of things in dozens than in groups of ten (sorry ten. I know this is your day, but I gotta be honest).
5. I threw out my wedding dress. Yep. Commence the lectures if you must, but I figured that if and when my daughters got married, they'd want their own dresses, not one that has been sitting around in a closet for x years getting musty and mildewed, and which would have been sadly out-of-date style-wise. I haven't ever had the occasion to wish I could wear it again. Plus it was water-stained from a miserable few weeks in an apartment with a leaky roof.
6. I got blisters in my nose from so much nose-blowing this week.
7. I will be getting paid to go to the zoo this Friday! I have to go for work. Do I have a fabulous job or what?
8. I still haven't tried driving Little Red Riding Hood (aka Jim's truck). I am afraid of it.
9. I'm getting comfortable enough with Paul driving that I can almost fall asleep in the morning on the way to seminary.
10. Yellow. It's the bomb.


Jenni said…
10-10-10 was a perfect day here!! I got a blog posted! I like you list of 10s for today. I didn't know you liked being barefoot in the house. Mostly I'm glad that you are getting used to Paul driving which is odd since he isn't your first driver. And I like your bracelets on you. They are very pretty and I liked the irridescent white/clear/purple beads.
Jen said…
I also don't like wearing shoes or socks, but I find I prefer to wear at least flip flops around my house now due to little girls leaving crumbs and junk everywhere. Ish. Gotta disagree with your thoughts on 10 vs. 12. I'm a 10 girl. Such a pretty and sparkly bracelets. Mike is always teasing me about still having my wedding dress. He keeps asking why I never wear it anymore. I don't think I've looked at it since I got married.

Have fun at the zoo. Lucky!
Jen, as the one who sewed your wedding dress, I get dibs on it if you ever decide to throw it out. (not that I would wear it, but maybe I could do something with it)
Dennis said…
I like wearing slippers and socks in the house. When I was in my teens I usually went barefoot all summer inside and out. By the end of the summer the bottoms of my feet were like leather.
Nice bracelet. I never understood the deal with keeping one's wedding dress. Mostly because you'll only wear it once. I don't know if many men keep their tuxedo or suit (since most tux's are rented anyway).
TaterBean said…
Even if you had your wedding dress and I wanted to wear it for my wedding, I wouldn't be able to...it would have been WAY too small for me. :(