The first step in celebrating Matt's birthday:

Make the green rectangleWhen asked what kind of birthday cake he wanted, he replied, "Fondant!" (If I were on camera, I'd break the fourth wall and stare directly into it with an exasperated look on my face and roll my eyes ever so slightly).

I had to explain that fondant was a medium and not an actual style. He looked perplexed. Dangit, he's watched a multitude of episodes of Ace of Cakes; he has seen Duff, Geoff, Katherine, Sophia, etc. work with fondant to make shapes, sculptures and elements, not to mention to cover cakes.

Finally, I made him understand that I will use fondant to make a design of his choosing. But he didn't know what he wanted. He just knew he wanted it out of fondant. So I'm making a fall tableau.

But I've run out of fondant and I have to go to work. At least the canvas for the tableau is ready to go.

More pics later.


Jen said…
You should have just made Matt's "wish" come true and made the whole dang cake out of fondant. Then say to him as he horks while trying to eat pure fondant, "better be careful what you wish for". LOL. I know, that would be mean especially on a young lad's birthday.

I can't wait to see the final creation!!!
Dennis said…
Happy Birthday M@ (that's Matt in case you can't pronounce the @). It's kind of like the lady who corrected people for pronouncing her daughter's name (La-Sha) like it looks then said "the dash don't be silent".
Jenni said…
I haven't ever covered a cake in fondant. I'm afraid. Looks great, though.
Jenni, covering the cake with fondant is easy! It's like making a pie crust.

Jen, I totally should have.

Dad, a non-silent dash? So people are supposed to say "dash?" Crazy.
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