Can you stand another post about Paul?

Yesterday morning in seminary, I saw a giant evil spider crawling on the table as I taught. I was caught off guard (must now always always wear my anti-spider armor to church) and screeched. One of the girls (yes one of the girls) came up, faced the frontal attack, and bravely beat back the monster. I thanked her for saving me from certain death.

One of the boys who sat up front turned to the class and said, "I've heard a scream like that before when Paul was over at my house and he saw a spider. Same exact scream with a little more baritone in it."

Paul took the comment in good humor. He is well-known for inheriting my dislike of the sneaky underhanded ways spiders try to infiltrate human habitations for the purposes of guerrilla warfare or outright murder.


Jenni said…
Yes. ANd hyou can be right proud that Paul understands the true nature of spiders.