I missed Paul

Paul came home this evening and I asked him how the basketball game went. (He's playing at church)

He said, "Finally after four years [of playing church basketball] I scored a point. Except it was eight points."

Oh, and...

Happy 21st birthday yesterday to Katie!

I am rationalizing my lack of mentioning it yesterday by saying we celebrated a couple times while we were in Utah.


Jen said…
HAPPY {belated} BIRTHDAY, KATIE!! I'm sure having her parents to celebrate with her this year was enough of a present.

I miss Paul, too!
Jenni said…
That is kindof special to have spent Katie's birthday with her. Adults enjoy their birthdays, too. She could have gone to Walmart for Sparkling Grape Juice and gotten carded for it and been completely legal!!

And good for Paul. Remember, I played church basketball. A bad game was when someone passed me the ball. So I am very glad for him scoring one basket so many times.