Naptime is out to get me

Ten things I should be doing instead of taking a nap

1. Getting to bed earlier so I can survive a day without a nap
2. Why do I not like naps? First of all, I dream unpleasant dreams of people at work telling me that I'm doing everything wrong, and the kids at work telling me they don't like me.
3. I HAVE to clean my counters. I tried sleepwalking so I could nap AND clean at the same time, but so far, multitasking like that hasn't worked.
4. The cats have been shredding any paper that has been left unsecured. They must miss me petting them. I can't pet them while asleep (see multitasking in #3).
5. I wake up groggy and confused and say yes to things that people ask me to do that I have no business saying "yes" to.
6. I almost make myself late to the second shift at work that I have committed to because of a sick co-worker
7. I start to hate the phone because it wakes me up.
8. I feel like a preschooler having to take naps all the time to make it through the day.
9. I used to like naps and I don't like not liking them.
10. ZzZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...........


Jen said…
Oh, to be able to take a nap. The one thing I actually like about being pregnant was the excuse to be able to take lots of naps. Them days are long over, and I'm lucky if I can ever get a snooze during the day. Hope you were able to successfully to some zzzzzzz's.
Dennis said…
Here's the answer. Change your phone recorded message and then don't answer your phone. The recording should say something like "I'm sorry we can't answer your call. We are moving to Dakar, Senegal soon so I won't be able to bake a cake/pie, make a casserole, teach your class, walk your dog or wash your car." Then take all the naps you want without feeling guilty. jk
Jenni said…
I have weird dreams, too. I don't like to nap because I feel it a waste of time, but every once in a while, I just can't go on and I give up resistance. I, too, wake up groggy and unable to function. I hope you got to pet the cats.
Mike said…
#11. Read about dentistry!!! Joy.