Paul got himself a job! Jim probably helped though, since the job is at the same pizza joint as Jim works. Paul went for training last night and will start making pizzas this afternoon!

In other Paul news, his driver's test is scheduled for next Wednesday.

That's all the time I have for today because I got a noon supervisor sub job RIGHT NOW.


TaterBean said…
Hehe...I can hear you yelling "WORK!"
Jen said…
Way to go, Paul! However, can I be completely proud if some nepotism was involved...j/k. Great, now I have 2 sources for scoring some Papa John's pizza. Awesome! Good luck, Paul!

Paul. Driving. Now that's kind of a scary thought. I'm sure he'll do fine though. Good luck for that, too, Paul.
Jenni said…
Work and driving all in a week's time. That is pretty impressive! See what can happen when OJ leaves!!
Dennis said…
You didn't post anything on 1-11-11. I thought surely you would have something to say or are you hlding out for 11-11-11? It won't be long until 12-12-12 either.
Way to go Paul. I like Papa's pizzas.
Dennis said…
The typo in my comment should say holding out not hiding out.