Like Robinson Crusoe, as primitive as can be*

Jim taught Matt's class today at church (change in calling--Jim is no longer in charge, but he still gets to teach Matt). For fun, Jim thought he'd hand out a list of questions for the boys to answer about themselves. Matt balked at having to fill it out, claiming his dad already knows everything about him. Jim told him to fill it out anyway, and I'm glad he did.

The last question Jim put on the questionnaire was "What five things would you want if you were stranded on a desert island?"

Have we not all answered this question (or some variation thereof) at some point in our lives? I think I would have listed off things like a good knife, matches, a blanket, a suitcase full of books and a toothbrush.

Several of Matt's classmates wrote things like: Xbox (by far the most popular of the stranded-on-a-desert-island necessities), internet access, never-ending supply of food, house with electricity, and things of that nature.

So what did Matt write?

I quote:

1. A motorboat
2. Motorboat gasoline
3. food
4. kitchenware
5. Motorboat handbook

It never occurred to me to have on a desert island something to get me OFF the island, not to mention a vehicle that does not require any effort beyond lazy steering. I laughed long and hard. And out of necessity one would definitely want the appropriate fuel to power the boat and the instructions. Anything else is superfluous, really.

Also, what kid writes "kitchenWARE?"

*15 points and a coconut if you can guess where this line comes from.


Okay, now I'm curious about the "changes." I'm pretending I still have a right to know.
Marta said…
gilligans island
Marta said…
kitchen ware; does the boy not enjoy sashimi? needs to be able to cook his fish.
Jenni said…
So funny, and I knew it was Gilligan. Matt is thinking ahead. He isn't just in this for survival, he is in it to win and better himself.

What does your kitchen wear?
TaterBean said…
Isn't that a line in a Weird Al song? I can hear it in my Matt is too hilarious!
TaterBean said…
Amish Paradise? ...that's the song i'm thinking of...
Tate, Weird got it from the theme song for Gilligan's Island. So yes, you are partly right.