Death of a cellphone

There was no bloodcurdling scream, just a simple refusal to wake back up after being put to sleep while I had a screening in radiology (routine checkup).

How do I cope without my celly?

Yes, I called it "celly" (uncapitalized). Although now I call it "dead."

The only theory I have regarding its untimely death is that it saw me shirtless for my exam and then it committed suicide so it wouldn't have the horrible memory etched in its tiny little sim card brain.

At least it didn't take pictures.

RIP celly.


Jen said…
Poor celly! I hope you can revive her (him?).
Jenni said…
Poor celly. It was probably the radiation that killed it. Although, I'll cover my cell phone when I got to any radiology related appointments becuase I'm pretty sure the reaction would be deadly, or at least crippling.

and my word verificatino is: nopinmeu which I think is ridiculously long.