Trip time

This New Year bit of advice comes from a soon-to-be college freshman:

Pack your paintball gear.


His gear is on his bed right now, waiting for him to be off the phone with whoever he's talking to so it all can be packed. (His shoe trees are also waiting to be packed. Can't go to college without your shoe trees) (or your 396 ties)

But I can't complain. I'm a heavy packer. When going on a five-day vacation, I'd have to bring BOTH kitchen sinks JUST IN CASE. And the can of purple interior primer.

I am trying to pack light for the trip so that Other Jim can have all three suitcases for his stuff, but I am having a very hard time paring down the list of essentials to fit in a carry-on roller suitcase.

Happy New Year!


Jenni said…
A carry on for a 4-5 day trip? Never. It can't be done. I hope OJ has enough room in his dorm for all his gear. At least his friends will be happy he has it!! Have a fun time!!
Jenni said…
By the way, "Trip Time" for me means that I fall and hurt myself. It would be nice if in 2011 I DON'T do that.
Jen said…
When is OJ going to have time to paint ball with all that studying he'll be doing? I always have a difficult time packing for trips, too. The nice thing about road trips for me is that there's not really a limit. Have a safe trip and good luck to OJ.