Jelly belly

If only what I saw today were as sweet as candy...

For the love of decency, please people, COVER UP YOUR MIDSECTIONS! Especially if you are (like me) blessed with an overabundance of cubic acreage above the belt. PLEASE.

Especially if you are at work.

I have no idea what the face of this person looked like, she who broke all laws of human decorum by letting her gelatinous flab hang out, because every time I looked at her all I could see was TUMMY.

I will have nightmares tonight, or at least those anxiety dreams where all I'm wearing is a bath towel and an oven mitt.

Then I'm going to work tomorrow wearing my nightgown under my clothing and it will be tucked into the tops of my socks and buttoned securely up to my neck.

Note to thin people: this applies to you too. Even though you may not have the fleshy equivalent of a giant rubbery cauliflower applied to your abdomen, I do not want to have visual access to your navel lint.

Thank you for putting up with my prejudices.


Jenni said…
Amen and amen. That goes for cheerleaders. A lot of the "all-star" teams (teams not affiliated with high schools) wear the cheer uniforms with bare bellies. Most of the girls don't have the figure for it. It was annoying. Cover up, people. Have some pride!!
Jen said…
Couldn't agree more. No matter the shape a lady is in, it's u sightly to have to stare at their bare abdomens. Ish!
I forgot to include the men too--a huge belly is NOT improved by hair growing on it. Men--keep your stomachs covered!

The only tummies I want to see belong to babies and little children.
meg.. said…
I agree. However, that's not nearly as bad as the large woman sitting in front of me with a shirt that was too short and pants that didn't come up high enough. I certainly did not enjoy seeing her thong throughout the hour long awards ceremony. Ugh.