In which Other Jim gets Katie good in a photo

Yes, I'm blogging from Idaho. I'm blogging from a motel room the night before Jim and I leave our eldest son to his own devices (one of which is a pull-up bar)(another is a calculator)(iPod)(laptop)(etc.).

We spent last night sleeping in Katie's apartment. I am so glad to see Katie again; she is doing well on her own and has an interview at work to see about a possible step up. But I don't want to jinx it by blogging about it. Suffice it to say that Katie is a good worker, and what did happen at her 2 year review is that she got a pay raise beyond what her company usually gives. And she likes working there.

I also like to see her in charge of her own things--laundry, dishes, food, personal hygiene (although I haven't had much to do about that particular area for a good 16 years).

Katie turns 21 in a few days. Oh my.

Anyway, she is with us on our little trip up to Rexburg and it has been a joy to drive with OJ and Katie in the back seat acting like siblings. Katie wrote in the fog on her window, "Jimmy sucks." OJ reached over to rewrite the "sucks" but edited the wrong letter, so it spelled, "Jimmy suoks." He meant to add a little cap to the 'u' so it would spell "Jimmy socks" but accidentally changed the 'c' instead. Then he scribbled it out with his hand. Then he wrote "Katie's butt" on his window and Katie squealed and had to reach over to rub it out.

Then they calmed down and shared music on their iPods and all was forgiven.

We met up with Jim's mom and her companion Larry in Twin Falls for lunch. It was great to see the two of them! I also discovered where Paul gets his tendency toward airheadedness: my mother-in-law. HA! She even said that Paul's little leaps of "logic" are not so strange to her. So there you have it! Anne is an alien too.

Since you've read this far, here are some pictures to lull you into believing you were actually at the restaurant with us.

Katie scrunches her face for Grammy Anne:
And OJ gets Katie right at the moment of shutter deployment:
Jim and his mom:

Katie and a snack she bought at a gas station:

This gigantic Rice Krispie Treat has brought much laughter and enjoyment on the trip. I suppose I could use up several million megahertz of bandwidth just to tell you all about it, but I will have to save it for some other day. Cuz I'm tired. (The treat cost 8.99 but was on sale for $1 off) (it isn't half bad) (nor is it even half gone) (I guess I'm not too tired for parentheticals) (I've consumed a lot of caffeine) (a lot for someone who usually does not drink it) (I used it for medicinal purposes today) (diet Coke, in case you were wondering) (and am suffering the consequences too)

Tomorrow. Katie is going to spend the day with a friend while Jim and I make the most out of the last day we have to boss OJ around.


Jen said…
So this is it, you now officially have 2 less children in the household. I wonder if you'll notice a significant decrease in your grocery bills with Jimmy Hollow Legged Evans gone. How fun that Katie could tag along to help O.J. get checked into college. It was probably nostalgic for you to witness one last time the way your eldest siblings used to act with each other.

Good luck to Katie on her possible promotion. That really says a lot about her that she's gotten such a nice raise and is being considered already for a promotion. Fingers are crossed here for her.

What a relief to finally discover the root of Paul's weirdisms. Who knew it would come from a woman, and the mother of your beloved, of all people. Too funny!

OMGosh, that Rice Krispie Treat is hilarious, but also mouth-watering at the same time. You see, I haven't had breakfast yet, and I think I could feast on that entire thing right now. Will Katie ever be able to eat that whole thing?!?
Mike said…
OJ, good luck. You had better go fishing while you are there. You are only near some of the nations finest trout waters. Dont squander your proximity to such opportunity on hanging out with friends or meeting chicks. That's all the advice I have regarding college.
Jenni said…
Oh, just to start, the rice krispie is borderline vulgar!! I'd eat it. Problem is, the whole time I was eating it, I'd know that homemade is better - more marshmallow.

It looks like a fun roadtrip with the kids. Once upon a time, it was just them. Imagine if you had stopped!!

Be safe and have a great time.