I like the word "dentifrice"

So lately I've been reading a book recommended to me by my brother. The book is called "Modern Dental Assisting" (I can't wait to see what happens at the end!! Will the labial maxillary gingiva ever escape from the buccal vestibule?) (Yes, I'm just picking random words off the page) and I can totally tell that dental professionals with lots of experience and much knowledge wrote it. Sometimes I have to read a sentence slowly and out loud and several times before I understand it (I'm lucky though--there are pictures in this book).

Most sentences in the chapter I am reading are like this: "The maxillary labial frenum passes from the oral mucosa at the midline of the maxillary arch to the midline of the inner surface of the upper lip." (Personally, I think they are making up some of these words).

The one that I needed no second reading and that I found humorous went this way: "The sulcus is the space between the tooth and the gum where popcorn husks become lodged."

After I read that, I envisioned a bunch of doctorates in dental-doctorology-teaching saying "Am I right or am I right?" and patting themselves on the back for inserting a bit of "humor" into their lofty dental textbook.

In grammatical news, yesterday after school Matt shared the horrifying tale of a wicked hard test in his English class. The teacher tested the class on grammar and almost no one passed. Matt said that the highest grade on the test was a B, and that there were a few Cs. He said "no way did I think I did well on it, but guess what I got?" That's right folks, when your grandmother is a persnickety English major, you get the highest score on a devilishly difficult grammar test in 6th grade.


Jenni said…
Grammar was never my strong point, so as a joke, I am an English teacher.

I can see your recreational reading has taken you into places you have never delved before. Unless vampires count. And I don't mean "The Count".
Jen said…
I can't imagine that dental literature is the most exciting, but it's good that you are finding humor to help get you through it. Good luck with that, and I do agree that most of those words sound totally made up.

Way to go, Matt! That is definitely something to be proud of.