Gotta hurry up and post this so I can get back to running my head through the grinder

I really shouldn't say yes to things anymore, except for sub jobs. When I say "why yes, I will do that" or "I would like to volunteer to do this," I get phone calls asking me to work 7 hour shifts on top of my 2 hour morning shift and teaching seminary. And then I have to make the chicken salad for the craft group tomorrow at the last minute and I don't even know if I have time to go to the grocery store beforehand and actually GET the supplies needed. And forget about dinner for tonight.


I was able to postpone a shopping trip (scheduled for today) for a craft project for next week for work til Friday, so I was able to come home for a few minutes and print out some materials I need for the Braille activity that I'm in charge of tomorrow. So my head is not so poundy-thuddy. (But maybe your eyes are after reading my convoluted sentence structure)

If you were expecting some great blog content, I'm sorry to disappoint.

If you want something informative and instructional, go to this website instead. I got all dreamy and happy reading it. Ahhhh, Utopia. (and no I didn't look up any complementary instructions on how to be a modern lady. I'll let you do that. Tell me if you find anything)


Jen said…
Hugs, Sara. I can't imagine how hammered you feel right now. You do need to learn to say "NO" once in a while though. Say it with me, "No, I won't do BLANK for you because I have about another 37 tasks that I also have to do at the exact same time." Wasnt that easy? Now go practice in front of the mirror.
Jeannine said…
Have you seen the big "NO" sign by my phone? It works. Well it works sometimes. Plus it is a great conversation starter when people come to my house for the first time.
Jenni said…
I know. Run, Sara, Run. When does it ever end?