Tyrannasaurus Rexburg

I don't know why I have that title for this post. I suppose I just like wordplay.


Other Jim is officially dropped off. He's gone, flown the coop, left us behind. Which he is supposed to do. I'm not sad, but I do feel the urge to call or text him to make sure he remembers to do the things we didn't get a chance to help him with yesterday.

Like get his student ID picture taken. All because of his hair. We were informed that it was too long. We had to find a place off-campus to get his hair cut. That threw a wrench in our plans, but Jim found a place while he was off shopping for the last few things that OJ needed (bedsheets in a weird size and a padlock) and we were able to get OJ's hair cut so he'll be all ready for his ID picture this morning.

He has his books for class, he's met his roommate, who seems very nice and just the kind of kid we want OJ to associate with. They exchanged cell phone numbers of course.

OJ's dorm (I'll have to post pictures tomorrow because I'm on the hotel computer right now) is sufficiently roomy for a college freshman. He has a sink right in his room! And a microwave and a fridge/freezer. His room is right across from the bathroom, which can be good and bad, but for now, we're calling it good.

While we were going in and out of the dorm for various purposes, we noticed that one end of the dorm hall had begun to smell like feet already. It had the pervasive odor of sweaty gym socks. The boys down at that end already had their XBoxes set up and were cranking the rap music. Oh joy. Women aren't allowed in the men's dorms, but personally, I don't see why they would WANT to go there.

I still can't wrap my head around the idea that OJ will be GONE until July.

I wonder how he is doing now? (it's 7 a.m., he's probably still asleep) (suppressing the urge to text him to ask)


Jen said…
Good luck to O.J. on his new adventure in life. I'm sure he will do well since he's (almost) always had a good head on his shoulders (remember when you were worried about him, and I kept reminding you that Mike turned out just fine after years of worry). I can just imagine that feet smell. The rental area of the ice-skating rink smelled like that last night, and I had to make a quick departure for fear that I might become faint. Ha, I can't believe O.J.'s hair is considered too long by BYU standards. Looking at yesterday's picture, I think his hair is pretty dang short compared to most of the shaggy-haired boys these days (a look which I don't really get, btw).

Well, again we wish O.J. the best and will think of him often while he studies and attends classes in Tyrannasaurus Rexburg (thanks for that, btw, now I'll never get that out of my head)!!
Jenni said…
Ah, life. Congrats on child #2 being launched into life. What an accomplishment!! I can't wait for my turn!

And yes, boys' dorms give me the heebies AND the jeebies. The boys at school smell. Sometimes I am surprised at who actually has a girlfriend and I want to take the girl aside and ask them what they are thinking.

Have a great trip home.