Home minus one.

The separation is complete. Jim and I are back in MN and Other Jim is in ID. Which is where he belongs, I must say. He's happy to be there. He has made a few friends and has run into a few old friends (namely one missionary who served in our area and who is apparently at college now).

This morning I went to seminary, then to my job, then I came home, and then I slept for 3 hours.

Now I gotta upload some photos, don't you think?

Katie's foot. I was trying to take a picture of a semi-reposing OJ and Kate hadda get her toes in the picture.

The approach to the new digs, Biddulph Hall.
Jim and Other Jim
Jim helps OJ figure out some stuff while I take a picture of the dorm room. OJ lowered his bed. He didn't want a half-loft.
See? No crying on my part. Or OJ's.


Jenni said…
Maybe no crying, but there is a smiling mom who is proud of her boy and enjoying taking him off to college!!

What a great time.
Jen said…
How exciting for O.J. To finally be off on his own in the "real" world. Glad to hear that he's already making friends and adjusting. Also glad to see you made it home safely.
Dennis said…
It's hard to imagine little Jimmy at college but your pictures attest to the fact that he is,indeed, there. Break - my nose was bleeding from the surgery today to repair the big hole.
Jimmy will do well and I know he will be happy.