Phone call #2 from Other Jim

I'm tallying the number of phone calls we get from our Idaho potato boy. OJ called last night only because he had texted first to ask if we could send out his swim trunks and I texted back that I didn't know where they were. So he called to explain where they were (although by the time he called, I had already found them).

How is he doing out there away from the comforts of his parents' home?

Here is a listing of the pertinent information I gleaned from our conversation:

1. He has eaten two whole pineapples since leaving home.
2. At some point, he might swim (hence the request for his trunks).
3. Math is hard, but not because he doesn't understand it. It is hard because he has to submit his homework electronically, which means either he does math problems in Microsoft Word (I dare you to try this at home. I guarantee you'll wind up in a mental facility) or he does math problems on notebook paper, then finds a scanner somewhere on campus and scans the homework, then emails the images to himself, then runs back to his dorm room where he can finally email the images to his teacher.
4. He is in a hurry.


Jen said…
For shame, OJ, to not call your mother more often. It sounds like he's really settling in and enjoying it. I find it especially funny about how OJ must submit his math homework because in all my math classes in college (I took a lot, you know) I never had to do such a thing. It's funny how times are a changin'.
Jenni said…
So nice of him to check in. At least he isn't calling you between every class. I know kids that do that!! Nice to have him independent.

It is good that this is challenging him and he is figuring it out. It might be a pain, but that is the rule. I wish my students could get that message. Maddie is doing math online and it is weird to figure out.