Last night was Matt's very last Pack meeting. He is no longer a Cub scout. It is the end of an era in the Shoebox household. Matt has one year left in Primary at church and then I will be the parent of all big kids (well, age-wise. Matt will probably never be a big-kid size-wise). No more Cub scouts!

Here he is receiving his pile of awards and pins from over the summer. The pack meeting was held at a bonfire at a park so we could hardly see or hear what was going on. I did manage one picture with the flash, but in doing so, blinded everyone at the event. Sigh. So I didn't get any pictures of him walking across the crossover bridge from Cub scout to Boy scout.

The little ceremony they had for his crossover was very nice. The Boy Scout leader was there and he involved Jim and me in changing the epaulets on Matt's shirt as he changed Matt's scout scarf. Matt is excited for Boy Scouts (aren't they all at the start?) and has grand plans for earning all the merit badges.

Here is a picture I tried to take without the flash. It looks like Matt is on fire, which is appropriate since he was wearing his Halloween costume shirt under his Scout shirt--you can see a bit of yellow peeking out.
And speaking of Halloween, this is today's Halloween Decoration Special Feature:A pumpkin pop-up card. It was easy to make. I even helped Fake Child make one. Lucky I had some Halloween paper to enhance the cuteness of the card. Directions found here. I used more than nine layers of tissue paper though. I counted wrong. Not that it matters; it still made a mighty fine pumpkin card for my half-wall.


Congratulations to Matt. Too bad you can't bottle that early scouting enthusiasm.
Jenni said…
I love my pop-up/out card!! Thank you.

Congrats to Matt. That is a great moment. It is nice you have your cross over out side and maybe there was a read bridge to cross over. Ours was in the church with a fake bridge.
Jen said…
Hooray for Matt! Mike will be proud to here about Matt's accomplishments.