And they're off!

They are off to collect bags and loads and wads of candy.

Here is the campfire.
Here is Gaara.
Here is Gaara's squash thingie. (Or Mr. Peanut)
Here is Hayley and her friend, the sumo wrestler.
Matt is making the rounds with two friends and Hayley is going separately with her friend. Paul is doing his weekend job--cleaning the bathroom. Other Jim is working but is done at 8. Dunno what he's doing after that. I'm handing out candy and trying not to eat what is still in the bowl. Jim is handing out pizzas to people who pay for them.


Jenni said…
They look great! It is odd to have so few of which to take pictures. I hope it was a magical Halloween for you and that it was everything you hoped it would be. You do look so forward to it. Another year until the candy corns and pumpkins come around again!!
Shantel said…
Thank you for letting her come. She had a blast, and made out like a dang bandit! What a stash!!!!
Shantel--it was a pleasure to have her go with Hayley! It was all laughter and jokes when they got back from candy gathering. I'm glad that the two of them get along so well.

Jenni--we're getting fewer and fewer trick-or-treaters every year. Sniff sniff! But I lit my candles and basked in the orangey glow and then enjoyed hearing my own kids sort through their candy. Matt still has glitter in his hair that wouldn't wash all the way out. He'll look flashy at church tomorrow!
Jessie said…
Matt's costume it terrific! I love his "conceptual" ideas!

Bon (and me too) is super impressed with Hayley's Gara costume! He's quite the Naruto fan himself.
Karie said…
The campfire costume is awesome! I'm sure Hayley's is too, but since I have no concept of what she based it on, I can't pass an opinion. But she looks cool!
love the costumes! very creative!