The Proposal

No, not the Sandra Bullock movie from earlier this year (although this does involve that movie).

Jim approached me (verbally) with a proposal last night. Our 21st anniversary is coming up in one month and three days. He suggested that over the next month we watch a movie from each year that we've been married. What a fun way to count down to November 19th! It'll be like a date each time we watch a movie from the list because it will be representing another year of marital bliss/strife/amusement (mostly bliss. And amusement. Jim has a wicked sarcastic streak. What makes him even more amusing is that he rarely lets that side of him be seen).

So we decided that I would pick movies from the even years and he would pick movies from the odd ones (no correlation between his personality and having to choose the odd years).

For some years I found it difficult to choose because of the plethora of good movies. Some years it was difficult because I didn't like very many of the movies on the list. Most on the list are ones we've seen before, but there are a few that we haven't.

This is the list we came up with:

21 movies to our anniversary
1988: Twins
1989: Dead Poet's Society
1990: Tremors
1991: Regarding Henry
1992: Sneakers
1993: So I Married an Ax Murderer
1994: Reality Bites
1995: While You Were Sleeping
1996: MST3K: The Movie
1997: The Fifth Element
1998: Ever After
1999: Forces of Nature
2000: Best in Show
2001: Ocean's Eleven
2002: Rabbit Proof Fence
2003: Big Fish
2004: Secret Window
2005: Aeon Flux
2006: For Your Consideration
2007: The Invasion
2008: Vicky Cristina Barcelona
2009: The Proposal
(So now you see how the movie "The Proposal" is involved)

Yes, there are three Sandra Bullock movies on there. Jim picked them. He must like her. In fairness, I almost picked Two Week's Notice instead of Rabbit Proof Fence. And I did pick two Christopher Guest movies. I am not interested in Christopher Guest in the least except as a movie actor/director/writer. (His ability to pretend he has six fingers is UNMATCHED in Hollywood. [5 points for the name of the character he played who had six fingers])

Feel free to share your fun and novel ways of celebrating anniversaries (of any kind--living in your house for x number of years, being employed, getting a dog, hating celery, etc.) and feel free to adopt this idea to use for your celebrations.

I've requested all the movies and we have but to send back a DVD rented and viewed already to start our parade of memories and movies!


Karie said…
Awesome idea! Mat and I can do eight years' worth...and Lord of the Rings will take up three of those eight. Whee!

As for the six-fingered Christopher Guest character, it was Count Rugen from Princess Bride. Isn't it a requirement to have Princess Bride memorized by the time you leave BYU?
Pretty much!

That movie actually came out while I was a student at BYU (yep, I'm that old). It was THE movie to see in the theaters at the time. And I considered myself ubercool because I had actually READ THE BOOK years before. I read parts of it out loud to some friends of mine while we walked around campus.
Jen said…
What a swell idea! Mike and I will have to do that, too. We've got #12 coming up this summer, but I think we'll have a harder time finding movies since Mike is obsessed with 80's movies.

I like a lot of the movies on the list, too.
Runyan's Roost said…
What a fun idea. I've never heard of Rabbit Proof Fence. I'll have to add that one to my que.
Jenni said…
Totally fun idea. TOTALLY. I love a lot of those movies. Haven't seen some and will have to add them to my Q. And kudos to Jim for creativity.
Jeannine said…
Great idea! I think I'll steal it for part of my birthday celebration. However, since I'm really busy between now and then, I think I'll start on my birthday. Since I will also have a lot of movies to watch, I may spread it out a little.
Shantel said…
Joel is movie freak. He would love this idea! I love the idea too.
Amanda D said…
I came of from Diapers...
Just have to say congrats on winning the contest! And, I love this idea. What a fun way to remember the years you have been together. Congrats on 21 years!