Eleven. Exactly. One louder.

Matt is one louder today (5 points if you know the reference).

20 minutes until seven preteen boys descend upon this house expecting candy and cookies and cake and junk and stuff. ('nother 5 points for this reference)

What have I been doing all morning?
1. Trying not to be too disappointed that the cake we bought for the party is not Cake Wreck worthy. It's perfectly normal and not at all messed up.
2. Chopping red cabbage
3. Crushing acetaminophen
4. Looking for ammonia
5. Making sugar water
6. Telling Matt over and over that he can't open his presents right now.
7. Getting nervous for the party. I am not a very good anticipator. I get hives.
8. Chopping more red cabbage
9. Pulverizing the red cabbage in distilled water
10. Filling bottles with various liquids

It's chemistry time!

I'll post pictures later.


Jen said…
This is Spinal Tap for the "11" reference. Not sure 'bout the other.

Sounds like it'll be fun and loud at your home this afternoon. Have a blast and definitely post pictures.
Jessie said…
I know the first one is Spinal Tap! Don't know the other one...

Man, a "mad-scientist" party sounds like such a fun idea!