Party pooped

Never again! Freedom! The shackles of party planning have been removed forEVER!

I won't mind a request for a party consisting of a few friends and a movie or games or something, but whatever goes on will not be planned or executed by me.

I have enjoyed the parties I have planned--especially the Paul/Jimmy party where I invited the reptile guy--but after five children, I am ready to give up this part of the business of mommying.

But since it's still Matt's birthday, I will deny myself further reveling in the shedding of parental responsibility (unnecessary responsibilities, but ones I did out of my particular enjoyment of seeing my kids enjoy being with their friends).

We did some science experiments and unfortunately, I was too busy being Bill Nye the Science Guy to take pictures. But the boys loved the science fun. We used purple cabbage juice as an indicator and watched it turn different colors as we poured it into different liquids. We made a non-Newtonian liquid out of cornstarch and water. We used rubbing alcohol and Sharpie markers to create a tie-dye effect on some t-shirts.

The boys also played kickball

Then they got out Matt's Legos and when the parents showed up, they didn't want to leave. Star Wars Legos will never go out of style among the preteen boy set.
Here is the crew with their shirts.
I managed to survive the party with the help of Jim. He wrangled the pizza and served the cake. He was also the one who suggested kickball. The boys needed to run off some energy before they wore holes in the carpet.

It was a heck of a party. Matt had a fabbo time turning 11. And that makes me happy.


Jenni said…
That looked like way fun. You have always done a good job at the kids' parties, I'll certainly give you that. The t-shirts are a good idea, too (along with kickball outside!!). Congratulations on living through it all!! I'm almost there! Did you make the cake?
No I didn't make the cake. I got it from Target half hoping they would Cake Wreck it up. But alas, they did a good job. Yes, I did request the pumpkin.
It looks awesome-- an 11-year-old dream. Food, legos, and explosions. What more can a boy want?
Jen said…
Wow, looks like a fun time for those boys. I bet all the kids say you're the "cool mom" and now want to hang out more at your house.