My acceptance speech

Thank you to all who voted for me in the lullaby contest! All ten of you must have voted every day because I was declared the winner! Get a load of my winner's tiara there on the sidebar. Isn't it fabulous? And thanks to the person who made me enter the contest.

Here is my lullaby in its entirety (which took me all of five minutes to write 9 of the 11 lines. The other two lines required a shower to work out. It's amazing how conducive showers are to writing. To bad you CAN'T ACTUALLY WRITE IN THE SHOWER! I need a waterproof tablet and a water resistant pencil to keep in there, because memorizing what I write takes up like most of the shower time and I hate memorizing):

Mommy's lullaby (Sung to the tune of Give Said the Little Stream)

Sleep, said the mommy. Sleep
Rest your head, Sleepyhead.
Sleep said the mommy, Sleep
As she tucks you into bed.

You're small, you know,
but wherever you go
I'll be there to keep you safe.

When you wake up we will play
Morning, noon, thru all the day.
But for now sweet dreams shall be
Nighttime love from me.

Later I will post pictures of Hayley using the sewing machine for nearly the first time. She's making a Halloween costume.


Jen said…
Wow! Congrats to you. I really did like yours best. You have quite a talent for writing.
Jenni said…
Hooray!! Congrats and all that. I love your tiara. Can't wait to see Hayley's costume!!
Dennis said…
Will you wear your tiara to church or at least to mom's birthday party?
Congratulations on a job well done.