What to write when I have nothing to write about

Paul's meet (second one in a row) was canceled yesterday because of excessive rain. So no cross country running report to share with you today. It rained for pretty near five days here, finally stopping last night.

I suppose I could go back to last year's October theme and write about more of my Halloween decorations.

I could write about finally being able to grow my fingernails long (I hope I don't have to scrape the bottom of THAT barrel).

I could also share with you how I avoided a certain ulcer by going to Wal of the Mart and the craft store instead of watching the Twins game (which I would surely jinx if I had watched it from the beginning). Jim texted me the score when the Twins finally pulled ahead. Then I didn't get another text from him the whole hour and a half I was gone. I assumed in this case that no news was bad news (Jenni, say it with me: "No ga-news is good ga-news with Gary Gnu") and that the game and the season were over so I got in the van to make my way back home. And I was grateful that I didn't have to get all worked up and sad over the loss. But to my surprise, the game was still on when I got home. The Twins and Tigers were tied at 5 in the twelfth inning. Five minutes later, the game was over and I was extremely pleased that I got home when I did so I could see them win. And then I spent the rest of the night jealous of two of my brothers who were actually at the game (and now have to deal with ringing ears and hoarse voices).

Maybe the Twins will get crushed by the Yankees, but we had an exciting run to the end of the regular season and provided a fitting almost-end to baseball in the Metrodome. It's been a crazy three days of sports in the HHH Teflon Marshmallow.

I wondered what direction this post would go to, since I didn't have any thought in my head when I started writing it. Now I'm all nostalgic for the 1987 and 1991 Twins World Series champions. Go Twins!


Jenni said…
Jake texted me from the game. Lucky dogs. Ah, the '87 & '91 World Series... Gary Gnu come up more often than you'd think. So you have long nails?
Yes. Mostly. 9 out of 10 are long. Don't get me started or I'll bore you to tears with my involved tale of fingernail growth.
Jen said…
Don't get the Gary Gnu reference, but Mike caught a few minutes here and there of the game and was quite thrilled to see that they move on to the playoffs. Go Twins (even though I don't keep up with baseball or sports for that matter).
Jen said…
And congrats on the fingernail growth. I totally know how you feel since mine are like tissue paper. Ugh!
Jen, not that this will explain much, but here's a Gary Gnu link. We used to watch Spacecoasters before we left for school.
Uh pardon me. The show was called "The Great Space Coaster."
Karie said…
Good for your Twins! My husband's bummed because the Rangers *completely* fell apart in September and blew their chance at the playoffs. He refused to watch their last few games.

And I love your jack o'lantern fingernail job. It is too awesome.
Jen said…
Now I know what I what Mike to be for Halloween.
Jen said…
And I have to say that that is the cheesiest show I've ever seen.
Jenni said…
It was an awful show. I hated it. The boys were addicted. So bad...