Lullaby time and things to do

There are some swell entries in my friend's lullaby contest (including one from me). Head on over and vote (for me).

In other news, today is the conference meet for cross country. Cross your fingers (ha!) for us that the meet will not be canceled, like the last two meets. Paul really wants to run. He'll even run despite the snow that is still whitening the lawn from yesterday's flake-y weather.

I'm also busy busy busy preparing for Matt's birthday party (tomorrow!). Matt and Hayley helped me test out some science tricks that will form the bulk of the party. The best trick we managed last night was a non-Newtonian liquid made from cornstarch and water. When mixed right, it is a liquid if you drag your finger slowly through it, but it becomes a solid if you tap your finger hard and fast on it. I saw it on a TV show where they had made a bunch of it and then were able to run across it. The website I found it on says it's like quicksand. Anyway, it was really cool. Yes, I'll post pictures of the party.

After the party, I'll be focusing on my homework. I have my Scottish history research project to finish up and a Humanities midcourse exam to study for. Then it'll be Halloween. I have to find the costume Hayley wants--I have no idea what it is except that it is an anime character in brown with a duffel bag-like thing on his/her back. Matt wants to be a campfire. I have a yellow shirt all ready, we just have to paint flames on it. As an accessory, he'll have a stick with a marshmallow on it.

I have a meeting in a few minutes so I'd best go shower. Wish me luck for the party. It's my LAST ONE as the party-planning mom. NO MORE. The kids have all been cut off from mom-planned parties.


Jenni said…
Oh, and Happy Birthday Matt from Slacker Aunt Jen. I'll read the lullaby when I get home as the website is blocked by the school. I am jealous of your snow and cold temperatures.
Dennis said…
I know the TV show you got your idea from - Myth Busters. I watched as Adam walked across the tub of this mixture and then he sank as he stood in place.

Happy Birthday Matt!!
Actually, it was the crime show "Numb3rs," but I'm glad to hear it is not a myth. And I do like Mythbusters.
Jen said…
I voted, and I really did like yours best. I'll be sure to cross my fingers for cross country Paul. Good luck!

Glad we got to see you guys (again). I'll make sure to email you those pictures.
Jenni said…
I voted!! Good song, too!!
Thanks. I know I won't win. Mostly I'm not sentimental or sappy enough to write a really good lullaby. But thanks for making it possible for me to not be completely shut out.