One at a time

Today's Halloween Decoration Feature is not really a Halloween decoration at all, but a means of displaying M&Ms for as long as they last (two minutes in my house). Of course there are Halloween M&Ms available (in AUGUST!) to fill this thing so I put it out as a decoration.
It's an M&M dispenser made for me by a friend. Pull the knobs back and forth and you get one M&M at a time. When the children were younger, they'd ask for some and I would allow them to have 2. At the time, they viewed 2 M&Ms as an acceptable reward. Nowadays, they expect a few more (bags). I tell them "too bad!" I use this dispenser for Christmas too. It's an all-year-round thing, but I usually bring it out only twice a year because the "novelty" of dispensing one M&M at a time gets old really fast (I usually end up unscrewing the jar and pouring the M&Ms out into my hand, which defeats the purpose of the candy dispensing machine).


Jenni said…
LOVE IT!!! And, I love the colors of the num-a-nums in the jar. What fun. I could slide it back and forth all day.
I know! I just can't resist Halloween colored M&Ms! The jar holds exactly one bag of regular M&Ms.
Jen said…
Love that. I remember seeing it years ago. It'd be useless around here because I'd eat all the M&M's in one sitting.