Some Halloweenie things and the anniversary countdown

I came across some paper dolls on the interweb. I've downloaded and printed them and am cutting them out now (when I'm not actually blogging). I thought I'd share them with you, well, with those of you who have little kids. My littles are too old for paper dolls, but I would have totally printed them out for Hayley and Matt to play with had I seen them years ago. But now I have Fake Child, so I'm letting her play with them.

Boy Halloween paper doll

Girl Halloween paper doll

Check them out. Jen, your girls might like these. They do take a bit of time to cut out, but they are so cute.

As promised, here is a picture of Hayley at the sewing machine. She is working on a pair of black pants for her Halloween costume. This is her first foray into sewing and so far she is doing just fine. As for her costume, I have NO idea what it is she is going to be. Some anime character with a squash shaped backpack that apparently holds sand. WTH??!! (WTH=what the heck) She already has the squash backpack thing (and it doesn't really hold sand. It holds stuffing) and she wears it around the house and looks silly.

Anyway, I was taking pictures of her sewing and took one of her hands. I am shocked to see that these are NOT her hands! These are Katie's hands! They must have switched when Kate was visiting this summer. Really, these can't be Hayley's hands!

P.S. The first movie of the 21st Anniversary Movie countdown has been watched! Twins has a few funny lines: "Cookies! I look forward to tossing them!" (Other Jim just about busted his gut laughing at that one) and it was amusing to see the "car phones" in the Mustang and Cadillac, which at the time were cool cars. Now of course they look dated and downright boxy. Thank goodness this nearly 21-year-old marriage isn't dated or boxy. It's in pretty good shape--it looks good for its age (after all, it is 21!) and hasn't gone out of style yet.

Next up for the movie countdown: 1989 Dead Poet's Society.


Jen said…
Oooh, cute paper dolls. I have to at least cut out the girl one and see if my girl would play with it. I used to subscribe to Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion, and each month she'd have some vintage-looking paper doll to cut out. I tore them all out in hopes of one day letting my future little girls (yes, this was before even Annie was born) to play with. I have no idea if I still have those.

Good for Hayley for working on her first sewing project. I hope she ends up with the results she hoped for. I don't get the Anime stuff, but I'm sure she has a group of friend who get it. That's all that matters.

Twins. I actually thought that was a fun movie to watch. I always felt sorry for Danny DeVito's character that he was the leftovers and was unwanted:(
babalisme said…
thank you thank you thank you for putting the links on your post! And if you're think your daughter is too old to play with it, well you can always give the print (cut or un-cut) to little girls/boys coming trick ir treat-ing on Halloween's eve.

I know what Hayley is making!! It's Gaara from Naruto isn't it?? It's a boy character!! Hayley is so creative! Yes, I love the anime too.
Jenni said…
Totally cute paper dolls. Remember the ones we had? Mom went all out for us!! And that isn't sarcastic. She made mine a robe just like the one she made me!!

Nice to see Hayley sewing. That is exciting. Morgan can sew, but not like Katie. And Rozzie is slowly learning. But neither of them are that interested in it. So good for Hayley and her Katie hands.