The latest thing in Halloween decorations... the countdown. Halloween has apparently developed a severe inferiority complex.. Christmas has always sported an "advent" (which used to be just a "four Sundays before Christmas" but has turned into a massive "count down the days until we can rest from our shopping binges for nine months") and Halloween's jealousy has prompted it to start stealing Christmas celebratory decoration ideas.
Yes, folks, I'm bringing back the Halloween Decoration Special Feature (click the link and then scroll through last year's month-long Halloween-decoration-of-the-day thing) only it's only going to be from now until Halloween. I couldn't do a whole month this year because I had Matt's party to deal with, along with a few other things. Besides, I don't have that many new or unfeatured decoration items. Guess it's time for me to get some more, right?

Anyway, these blocks allow the Halloween appreciator to countdown the whole 31 days of the month of October. I bought the set of blocks, paper, and vinyl to put together at our Super Saturday (click link and see #5) a few weeks ago (the event where, after I made the punch, I busted the punch bowl and spent an hour and a half cleaning the church kitchen stove and surrounding cupboards because there was hot punch splatter ALL. OVER. I now hate sugary drinks, especially hot ones. Do not put hot punch in a punch bowl). Even after the punch bowl disaster, I did have time to mod-podge the blocks. Now I can tell in an instant how many days left until Halloween! (After I do the subtraction necessary to adjust the block faces correctly). All 9 numbers are represented on the blocks, some (0-3) twice. I also did Christmas countdown blocks at the Super Saturday so I can continue the fun in December.


Jen said…
So cute! I want to make those...hint, hint. You have such fun Halloween decorations whereas I have non:(
Jenni said…
They are awesome and cute and necessary!! I so love your blog's costume. My blog is jealous.
Jen, the kits are available at in their seasonal section. All you have to provide is the background paper.
Jen said…
Ooh, I may have to make that purchase. Very cute!

Again, what is with the word verifications...ducing?