To-do and To-did

To do:
1. Test all the chemistry experiments that I've planned for the very last birthday party I am EVER planning for. Matt turns 11 next week and he will be cut off from mom-planned parties. All the other children have previously been cut off. I am not sorry to see this cut-off happen. AT ALL.
2. Look up more Halloween crafts. My living room is NOT ORANGE ENOUGH!
3. Play Triple Yahtzee with Matt. It was a goal assigned by his teacher. Really.
4. Pretend to clean. Assign the children the real chores while I busy myself with things like finishing all the puzzles in my Games magazine so I can throw it away.
5. Freak out about a craft event tomorrow that I am "technically" in charge of but am afraid of doing. Make soup for it. Make punch for it. Decor? Do I HAVE to?

To did:
1. Attended Matt's parent-teacher conference (where he was assigned the goal of playing Triple Yahtzee).
2. Showered. Big accomplishment!
3. Played War and Speed with Hayley with playing cards shaped like pumpkins. They are cute, but difficult to play with. Do not try to shuffle pumpkin-shaped playing cards.
4. Wrote a lullaby for this contest. My submission is the 19th comment.
5. Wrote myself off as a loser in the above contest.


Jen said…
Happy Birthday to Matt!! Hope he has a great one. I think you've got enough Halloween to decorate every home on your street, but I know how much adore All Hallow's Eve.

Triple Yahtzee? Really? Where were those kind of teachers when I was in school?

You'll do great with your Enrichment activity. I just wish it didn't fall on the same weekend as our visit. Hopefully, we'll get to see each other at some point.
Jeannine said…
Love #4 on the to-do list. Wish I had kids.