It's Monday and I suppose I have to post something

The long MEA weekend is over and the kids are back in school. How did they spend their extra three days off?

Jimmy frolicked about the state with friends. OK, he only went to Mankato for part of a day. He and his friend drove down to Mankato to make caramel apples and break kitchen appliances of a friend. Sigh.

Paul camped out on some very cold and rainy days. He came back Saturday night and got mad at the weather when Sunday was nice and very near 60 degrees. Why couldn't it have been nice on the campout? he wailed. They did a 50-mile bike ride too.

Hayley did some jobs around the house for a little extra green and then spent Friday night at a friend's house.

Matt had his birthday party (you saw the birthday recap, I assume) and successfully turned 11 (I would hate for him to be unsuccessful at it). He didn't go anywhere, but hung around with me the whole weekend.

I did manage one outing with Hayley and Matt (and fake child)--we went mini golfing at the local mall. They have an 18-hole course (each hole is very short, about 10 feet long) in the arcade area. The fun thing about it is that it is all black-lit so everything is neon. The golf balls show up as glowing objects and anything white shows up as electric blue.

I cleaned the basement this weekend. It wasn't a whole-hog effort; it was half-hog. The bookcase, computer desk and entertainment center are now orderly and dusted within inches of their very lives. I moved books around, found cases for temporarily orphaned DVDs and sorted paperwork. Finally I can feel peace in the basement! (but I predict it won't last. Oh well)

Jim worked and cleaned and started cleaning on his side of the room.

End of weekend report. How was your weekend?


Jenni said…
Yes, it has been a while since you posted. But I won't chastise as I didn't get to my post neither. I have stuff ready, just ran out of time. Sounds like a nice weekend. I wish we had FEA. I really want to mini-golf at that fun place. My girls would love it. How nice to clean something out!! That is so satisfying. Not that I would know from any recent cleans, but I can remember some in past years.
Jen said…
Sounds like a busy but productive weekend. My family used to love to play putt-putt when I was growing up. That would have been a fun place to go to.