First hot cocoa of the season

Yesterday Paul was supposed to run at a cross country meet at his school. Many of the parents were volunteering as guides to help the kids stay on the course and I was one of them. I had fake child for the afternoon too so she was going to sit with me and provide guidance as well.

However, the weather chose not to cooperate. It rained all day and the wind blew and the temperature dropped below the 50 degree mark. I got out the long underwear and bought a new umbrella (ours have disappeared. I think they've caught the socks in the laundry syndrome). I fixed hot cocoa and filled the thermos--nearly jumping with joy--I was looking forward to sitting outside in the October chill with a goodly supply of a hot beverage.

But we got there right as a lightning bolt electrified the sky and the meet was canceled. They would have let the kids run in the rain, but if there is one lick of lightning, it's off.

So I didn't get to see Paul run. But we sat at home drinking hot cocoa with marshmallows. We nearly spoiled our appetite for dinner.


I love hot cocoa. Love it. It's the only redeemable thing I can think of about cold weather.
Jen said…
Num, num! Hot cocoa is to me like coffee to others. Once the cold weather hits, the hot cocoa is the morning beverage each day. So sorry that you didn't get to enjoy it while outside though. I love doing that.
Karie said… cocoa....
Jenni said…
Yum...Monday morning teased us by being chilly, but it promptly warmed up. People are now pretending it is cold. Funnel cakes will sell well on a fake chilly night. Glad you got to enjoy a true treat. Remember how we asked for hot chocolate in Switzerland and got Ovaltine? I actually liked it! It was very European.
Ovaltine! Yes, it was different but I liked it too.