Krafty Korner at the Shoobox Kastle

You know it's going to be a special post when I purposely misspell most of the words in the title.

So it's my favorite time of year. I love October. The weather cools down after the heat and humidity of summer. The leaves turn on their neon colors. And pumpkins pop up on porches like children waiting for a candy handout.

Halloween is coming! And I got my crafting groove on because it is my mission in life to turn my living room completely over to orange kitschy goodness during the month of October. Please ignore the eyes rolling over in the other corner of the house. Husband is rolling out his Halloween tradition of non-verbal sarcasm.

This is the result of my crafting efforts:

Like all good crafters who share their dalliances with the creative muse on the internet, I will now post the instructions for this very easy craft.

1. Convince your parents to provide you with a slightly younger sister who will grow up to have a wicked awesome sewing machine that can make these:

2. Be nice to that sister so that when she grows up to own that particular neato sewing machine, she will spontaneously send you little Halloweeny things that she made using the machine.

3. When you have collected a goodly number of webby embroiderments made out of thread in various Halloween shapes and colors, put them in a sandwich bag and let them sit in the Halloween decoration box for at least a year while you ponder ways to display them.

4. Forget you have them.

5. While decorating for Halloween a year (or two) later, find them and say out loud, "I have GOT to do something with these!"

6. Remember that you saw at your friend's house the letters "B," "O," and "O" framed in cheap black frames and that you thought it was a neat display idea.

7. Wonder if that would work for these.

8. Decide that it will.

9. (Extremely difficult step--you might find that you need to attempt this several times before you achieve success) Find a free evening and head over to the craft store to buy cheap black frames.

10. Get caught up in several displays and almost leave without the frames.

11. Go back and find frames that will fit the little Halloweeny webby things.

12. Purchase the frames and haul them home.

13. Let sit overnight and until all the children are gone to school (this step might take several years).

14. Locate white and black cardstock in the blue milk crates where you keep cardstock. (If you do not have a supply of cardstock at home, just give up and go to Target to buy premade decorations) Also locate the paper cutter underneath the pile of pieced quilts given to you by your mother. Wonder if you'll ever get to them.

15. Unearth the double stick tape.

16. Cut the cardstock to fit the frame. I used 4"x6" frames. So I cut the paper 4"x6".

17. Clean the glass for the frames. Appreciate that the craft store employees did NOT place the price sticker (complete with bar code) on the glass. Worry (for good reason) that you'll cut yourself on the glass as you clean it. Breathe a sigh of relief when you finish cleaning and realize that you did it without injury! No need to locate the Spongebob bandaids!

18. Attempt to stick the webby thing to the paper using double stick tape, centering the webby decoration in the middle of the paper.

19. Give up on the tape because IT DOES NOT STICK TO THE WEBBY THING.

20. Get out the crystal clear gluey substance purchased a few years ago from a well-known rubber stamp home sales establishment to use to adhere the webby thing to the cardstock.

21. Growl angrily because the crystal clear gluey substance is so old that it is no longer usable. Chuck the bottle in the trash. Fume.

22. Sigh. Pick yourself up by the bootstraps and resort to good ol' reliable white glue with the cow on the front of the bottle.

23. Resist the urge to kiss the picture of the cow when the glue sort of works to stick the webby thing in place. Just use a little dot of glue here and there--not too much or it will get on the glass and look messy.

24. Assemble the frame with the cardstock oriented however you like.

25. Mount artfully on a wall somewhere visible where, as you pass, you can think, "Awesome!"



Jessie said…
This is perfect! I literally JUST pulled those out of my craft "heap" too! I had the same "these-are-so-cute-what-can-I-do-with-them" thought too and I LOVE your idea!

Thanks Sara AND JENNI!
You almost had me convinced to try a craft until I saw the 25 steps!! I can't even do recipes with more than 5 steps. I'll just pull up your post when I want to feel Halloweenish.
Jenni said…
They look SO cute!! I'm impressed. Mine are still on the counter. But maybe today I'll post a picture of my Halloween decor!
Jenni said…
I also liked your use of alliteration with the pumpkings popping... Very nice.
Karie said…
Those look awesome--I especially like the owl and the gravestone.

I need to acquire a little sister of my own....