Homecoming (out of town)

Other Jim is currently dancing the night away at Homecoming...in Iowa.

Some chick he met at EFY this summer asked him to come down to Des Moines to be her date. Other Jim just cannot do things the easy way, can he? Yes, we let him drive three hours out of state to go to a dance. Yes, we let him go by himself. Yes, we are letting him stay overnight at the girl's house (she is staying at a friend's house).

I know what you are thinking...How could we let him do that? So far, Other Jim hasn't given us much reason to distrust him. He's a good boy who is a responsible and diligent employee. He does his homework and hands it in on time. He attends church faithfully even when Jim and I were out of town last weekend and when we were in Utah. He obeys at home mostly and doesn't talk back. He's a genuinely good kid from what I can tell. He never has hours away from home that he refuses to account for. And Jim reminded me that he was driving 12 hours out of state by himself at the same age. We made Other Jim check the oil before he left and call us when he got there. I reminded him to be a good boy. He'll call when he leaves tomorrow.

But the most important responsibility I gave him was to TAKE PICTURES! Since I can't be there, the burden rests upon him to make sure there is adequate pictorial documentation of his last high school Homecoming dance. He'd better obey, otherwise I'll ground him for life.


Jenni said…
Sounds fun!! He is a man in demand. And you are right, he is not a problematic kid. He has earned the privilege.
Dennis said…
Mom raved about the pictures you sent and commented that OJ is about the most handsome boy she has ever seen. He is a great kid and has earned the trip to Iowa. I hope he enjoys the trip and for your sake there are a host of photos for you to post.
Jen said…
I hope he has a blast! I think O.J. is a trustworthy kid, and you shouldn't have anything to worry about. The girls' parents sound like they are up on the proper behavior, too.
meg.. said…
Saw his pics on fb - looked like he did a good job following orders. He could always call Josh & Courtney if he needs anything while in Des Moines.