Quick five minute break

I'm in the middle of decorating for a party (not at my house. I don't do parties. No one would show up) and I'm only home because I forgot two bags of decorations.

I'm just here for a few minutes but I thought I'd provide a few updates and a quick Halloween Decoration picture while I'm eating my lunch.

Update #1: Paul's race that was supposed to be yesterday afternoon was rescheduled to this afternoon because of yesterday's pervasive rain.

Update#2: Despite the rain, Other Jim played frisbee with his friends. Someone took this picture of OJ diving for the frisbee: He caught it and then presumably plowed into the soggy grass.

Update #3: Hayley's costume pants are finally finished.

Update #4: There is no update #4.

Halloween Decoration Special Feature:

A two-fer. A spooky candle
And a glittery black pumpkin. The lighting in the picture is bad so you can't get the full glittery effect. But just try to imagine it.


Jenni said…
Jimmy in action is a good shot. I'd never do that, even if it wasn't raining. I might get hurt. I might get dirty. etc... I am still working on my costume and I need it tonight. sigh... Spent to much time at school. grumble grumble grumble
Jen said…
Love the action shot of OJ. So cool! The person to the right of him was caught in such an awkward position. How do have room for all those decorations because I know you've got tons more?!?