There and back again

Other Jim made it back from Iowa yesterday after staying a little longer than he said he would. Oh well, I can't be mad at him for staying longer to go to the afternoon session of conference with Rissa and her family. He got home around 8:30 p.m. and dumped all his stuff by the couch. And it sits there still. rrrrrrrrrrr He'll get to deal with that when he comes home from school today.

But he did bring home a few pictures. Here he is with his date, Rissa.

They ate dinner at this home. One of the girls made the dinner (not sure which one) and Other Jim said it was really good. He didn't know any of the other kids, but he had a good time anyway.

The kids are holding what I believe are cupcakes, each with a letter on it so that it spells out "HOMECOMING."

Macho boys.


Jenni said…
He is a sport for going and hanging out with all those people he doesn't know. Is this a girl friend or just a girl he met and texts? Cute pictures and at least he got those!!
He spends a lot of time texting her. I would say that they are boy/girlfriend but he hasn't admitted to it yet.
Jen said…
Nice pictures. Looks like Other Jim had a fun time. Rissa is really cute! I laugh at how texting is the way those pesky kids communicate with each other and how excessive texting between the opposite sex must mean dating. Times sure have changed.