200th post!

Hooray for me!

I've kept at this for six months!

And, as I like to do on these historic occasions, I would like to give a shout-out to my readers (or as I call them in the real world: family!) SHOUT OUT. wooooo

Winner of the 3333rd visitor award goes to Bessie of Arizona! You'll receive an invisible prize packaged in an invisible envelope, secured with invisible tape and addressed with invisible ink! Enjoy!

And to the person who seems to like my blog and hails from Denver: hello, even though I have no idea who you are.

And a celebratory pose from me:
Hat by Disney Princess Limited (because I am a princess)
Tie-dyed shirt by Jen-is-freakin-awesome
Pants by Canvas Tents for Fat Women Over 40
Camera Case by I'm Just Here for Looks, She Never Uses Me to Hold the Camera (She always gets to hold it).
Picture by Mother-in-laws are wonderful!

Thank you!

PS: Rock explanation tomorrow.

PPS: And because I'm a number nerd, I love how this post officially posted at 12:34! I consider 12:34 (a.m. or p.m.) to be LUCKY, if I see it without looking for it. Same with 11:11. 12:33 and 12:35 are UNLUCKY.


Jessie said…
i've never won anything before! (at least over a blog). this is such an honor! i can't wait to recieve my invisible prize! i'm going to check my invisible mailbox everyday!

congratulations on the big two-oh-oh.
Jessie said…
p.s - is there a way to see who has been looking at my blog??? if so, how!?!
froggybaby said…
Congrats. A moment of silence to reflect on what we've learned. Still have to post the picture of Morgan with her prize.