a few of the goings on around the lodge

Ping Pong. Annie, Dylan and Paul comprise one team.

They played Spencer and Rozzie.
Katie wanted a hair cut. Katie found some scissors and away we went.
Notice my intense facial expression. I was concentrating hard enough to cause my brows to knit a whole scarf.

Uh...not much difference, is there? Trust me, Katie has bangs now.

Feats of strength. Many pull-ups were attempted and counted. That is an actual log they are using as a pull-up bar. I think Jimmy has his fingers in a crack in the log, which is technically NOT cheating, no matter what you might think.
Paul's turn. He got 19. I don't know how many Jimmy and Jordan did. Jordan did do some gymnastics though. Wish I'd gotten a video of his flips.


grandad said…
I admired Travis the most. Being close to the action, but not in it. Pull ups can be a big ego boost or just the opposite. Those who tried it did a great job. granddad