Ten Things I learned while moderating Werewolves of Miller's Hollow

But first, some pictures with captions. Sadie is the helpful witch, ready to use her healing potion on the werewolves' victim or her poisoning potion on who she thinks might be a werewolf. She works her magic while the townspeople are sleeping. And all the while eating funnel cake.
Some werewolves pick a victim.
The townspeople vote to lynch Morgan, who they think is a werewolf. She has adopted a palms-up-and-out stance (while sitting--very difficult to do) to suggest that she is innocent. Sadly it did not work. She was lynched.
A werewolf card.

Now on to the Ten Things.

1. Don't use gender-explicit pronouns when referring to any of the named characters. The kids pick up on that and say, "Oh, she said 'he!' The remaining werewolf is a guy!"
2. Cupid (although the game called the character "Cupido") (which I find stupido) is the favorite character by far. Everybody wanted to be Cupid.
3. Why? Because Cupid gets to pick the two "lovers" and usually the most fun was had when two people who were related and didn't like each other were picked as the lovers and subsequently had to die for each other if they other one was eliminated.
4. It's harder to moderate the game when you are tired and everyone in the game is grumpy. Don't hold grudges between games, people!
5. Two consecutive nights of Werewolves of Miller's Hollow is enough, unless the cutest kids beg you to play it again (Sadie and Spencer and Matt and Maddie).
6. Even when you win the game for your team, it's not all that fun if you die in the process.
7. Playing the game in a lodge filled with giant animal heads on the wall added to the creepy ambiance that should surround a game like this.
8. It's hard for the werewolves to win, but it is possible.
9. The game gets harder for the townspeople if the Fortune Teller dies.
10. Playing this game is a good way to bring all the kids together in one place so at the end you only have to say, "All done. Time for bed" once.


Jen said…
It was a really fun game to play even though I got picked for lynching way too many times. I would love to buy it, but I may have to wait until my girls are age appropriate. I can't foresee having enough of our own friends over that will want to play it.
Jessie said…
that game sounds way cool! i totally want ot try it!
froggybaby said…
It was way fun and I got my game set in the mail today!! Who loves Amazon.com? I do!! Thanks for introducing me to a great game. And you know personally how I feel about playing games! We are slated to play it in September for YW/YM.