Three things I am patting myself on the back for

No, I did not end a sentence with a preposition. There is no period at the end of my post title, therefore it is not a sentence, and therefore, I can end it with "for" if I want to. So there. And if anyone complains further, I will pull a Sam Malone and say, "Three things I am patting myself on the back for, MUTTONHEAD." (Can't remember which Cheers episode that was from, but it's a fave).

Thing number one: I surprised my children this morning with BREAKFAST. I am somewhat embarrassed to admit we are a cereal-eating family--all except Katie, that is, who eats burritos for breakfast when she can get them. We eat cereal for breakfast almost exclusively. Why? Because I am a lazy mom. I just can't bring myself to stand in the kitchen for breakfast, lunch and dinner (lunch is another meal where the children must fend for themselves--although I usually point out what is available). But today, a gentle but persistent rain fell upon Savage, and although you might wonder why that would have an effect on my behavior as far as the fixing of breakfast is concerned, I assure you, rain had everything to do with it. You see, I like a good hour of exercising in the morning, usually a walk or a heart-pounding bike ride. But the rain put the kibosh on that. And I couldn't very well exercise to an aerobics DVD because there is laundry taking up the floor space downstairs. So instead of folding the laundry, I ignored it and fixed pancakes, eggs and cantaloupe. The kids were quite surprised and genuinely pleased with pancakes for breakfast.

Thing number two: Hayley approached me today with a favorite pair of shorts and asked if I could fix them. The hooks (instead of a button) had ripped a hole in the material and the hooks themselves were flopping to and fro on a flap of fabric (ooooooh, alliteration! She is a writing whiz!) and generally looked like an unfixable problem. HAH. But not for Supermom! With energy fueled by pancakes made by me, I whipped the pants out of Hayley's grasp, and with a towering leap (or a brisk walk) into the sewing room, I grabbed the necessary tools and went to work. RIGHT AWAY. I didn't tell her to put the shorts on the sewing table only to forget about them for six months which by that time she would have grown out of them and it would be winter and she couldn't wear them anyway; no, I sat right down and sewed that flap back to where it should be. And in five minutes, she was able to wear the shorts. I did not procrastinate the day of sewing repair!

Thing number three: Um. I have the chore picked out, I just haven't done it yet.


froggybaby said…
Wow! Holy non-procrastination, Batgirl. Sound like a very Minnesota day. Tell Hayley that it rained today here in Florida.
Jen said…
Yay for you! I have laundry to do, too, which probably won't get done today or tomorrow. I don't heart laundry. My kids get cereal on one day and oatmeal and yogurt the next. Mike will sometimes make us waffles/pancakes and bacon/eggs on Saturday. He's a good daddy/husband.