Ten Things in the latter half of August

1. I went on a walk this morning and passed by the Rodent Graveyard. It's a big retaining wall, at least 15 feet high, and it always has decaying small rodent bodies at the foot of it. I spotted two carcasses today. And a dead bird.
2. While volunteering at the school yesterday, I saw a girl with REALLY big hair. Amy Winehouse big. She had that pouf thing going on on the top of her head; it gave her at least 8 inches of extra height. I had a hard time not staring at it. I wondered how long it takes to construct a hairy edifice like that--unlike Amy Winehouse's pouf, this girl's was made from her real hair, as far as I could tell.
3. Paul got his picture taken for school and his class schedule yesterday. A senior talked to him while they were waiting in line for pictures (it was a VERY long line). The senior is one of the captains of the cross country running team. Paul felt very special that he was chatted up by a senior.
4. The timed try-out for varsity cross country is this Saturday. Paul expects to come in third, which would guarantee him a spot on the varsity team. We shall see (literally, because I am going to watch. Or stand at the finish line and wait 18-20 minutes until runners arrive at the finish line).
5. Why is this not stylish anymore?Yes, folks, that was a random picture. I was a senior in high school. I'm posing in the cafeteria.
6. Katie, Jim, and I leave for Utah on Monday.
7. I haven't decided whether or not I am sad that Katie is moving out.
8. She hasn't decided either.
9. Jim is "Jim" about it, as he is about everything.
10. Lots of packing still needs to be done. But the important things are getting done, like having one last night out with friends (so far she's had four "last night outs" so I haven't seen her lately. She has another one tonight).


froggybaby said…
Many points to ponder in your daily post. One wonders how your head doesn't explode. Personally, I'm glad fashions change or men would be wearing short shorts and that is just wrong (unless you are Magnum, PI).
There is that. I can't wait for the "droopy pants" style to fade from view. Really, I have had it up to my knees with it (rim shot). I watched a droopy drawers youth try to climb the stairs at the high school yesterday and I wanted to stop him to ask "WHY? You could have total freedom of movement if you would HIKE UP YOUR PANTS!" And I must be ever vigilant because Paul has a tendency towards letting his pants slide down.
Jen said…
Ha, a rodent graveyard. I wonder why it is that place that all poor creatures choose to die. It sounds like Paul is really becoming the big man on campus and at such a young age. And, of course, he's PAUL:)

Unfortunately, for us females, the 80's are making a comeback which means the look you've got going on in that picture could possibly be something we start seeing again soon. Have you seen the pictures of Katie Holmes pegging her jeans?!? Why didn't they outlaw that years ago when they had the chance?

I'm sure you will all be sad to see Katie go. Jim, too, even though he doesn't show it. But she is such a responsible individual and will do great wherever she goes. Good luck, Katie!
Jake said…
If you ever need a change of dead animal scenery, you can come to our house. Your your cats' mom makes kills nearly every night and displays them for us on the front step, in the garden or on the deck. Example, this morning she neatly divided everything into piles. One pile contained bunny head and legs. Pile number two contained mostly bunny fur. Pile three was just guts (she always leaves the guts for the bees to sip on the sweet, sweet, innard juices) and pile four was the meat-free bunny backbone. Sometimes it's a clean neat kill, other mornings, it looks like she got mad and wanted the entire small mammal, rodent and bird population to know that something's gonna die. But she's sweet and snuggly.
You only THINK she's sweet and snuggly. While you're petting her, she's thinking, "Someday..."
you gonna see us on Monday? We will be home. I have to run to drop off Mara's preschool stuff, but Josh will stay here. Waht time should we count on you? Give us a call!