Late at night with no pictures

No pictures because we are still on the road and I am using the Super 8 computer in the lobby.

Vacation is over and we are heading home. Boo-hoo! We finished cleaning the lodge (yah, you gotta clean the lodge, but with over 30 people helping, it went quick) and were out of there by 9. Then we lollygagged at the Wal-Mart in Durango so we could buy Stephenie Meyer's new book and buy a snack (or twenty) for the trip home. We bade farewell to family in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart. Classy.

I will start the picture dump probably on Monday.

Cousin Megan came to the lodge for a few hours on Friday with her family. It was good to reconnect with her. She has cute kids! Megan's daughter Ada (I think it was Ada) jumped right in to dressing up using the armchair covers with Mike's daughter, Annie. And Zeph fit right in with Dylan and Matt. Nintendo DS facilitates friendships! Caemlyn and Kezia found the dominoes and built a spectacular tower. Tyghe hung around with his mom and dad. We went on a short but not quite easy hike to the little river and the waterfall with Megan and kids. There was much splashing and yelping and throwing of sticks and posing for pictures.

We spent three nights playing Werewolves of Miller's Hollow. I thought one night would suffice, but several kids begged for more. It was a great way to get everyone to interact with each other from the oldest to those only just beginning to get into group game play. Cupid was the favorite character--everyone wanted to get the Cupid card.

Hopefully after this week together we can get a few of the California cousins to come up to MN for a visit. Hint hint. And Grammy. Visits please?


mastubz said…
Nice to hear you had such a wonderful reunion. I am especially happy Megan got up there to see ya'll. She reported they had a great time. G & G have a photo now of yur gang with her.timx