Trippy pictures

Upon our arrival at the lodge on Sunday afternoon, we saw Jenni waving to us from the front porch of the lodge. Above her is the sign indicating that this place is "Cascade Lodge." Some people thought that we would be in a cabin among other cabins, or even sharing the lodge with families not of our party (since the place sleeps 80). But both assumptions were WRONG. We were the only ones who rented the lodge for the week, and the place is secluded. There were campers in the area, but we rarely encountered them (mostly just saw their vehicles) and there are some houses along Old Lime Creek Road, but by some I mean I counted two. And they are about half a mile away on a very rough Old Lime Creek Road. (clicky on the pictures for enlargement)

This is Potato Hill, and it is visible from the porch of the lodge. Some of us hiked near the base of Potato Hill, where Potato Lake is located.
Can you count five hummingbirds? Again this year, I was able to provide my finger as a perch for several tired hummingbirds while they drank at the feeder. Standing among a buzzing cloud of hummingbirds is one of the best parts of staying at the lodge. They do fly around your head if you stand there long enough. They seem to be more concerned with driving each other away from the feeder than being in such close proximity to a human being.

During the final leg of our drive to the lodge, we had to stop at a scenic overlook because our brakes were smoking from going down a steep grade. We stayed for about an hour. Paul, Jimmy and Matt passed the time (after eating lunch and torturing me by walking close to the edge of a rock outcropping) by chucking rocks over the fence and trying to hit that formation in the background. Can you see the rock in the air that Paul has just thrown?
Jimmy and cousin Jordan relax on the front porch swing at the lodge. They were pretty near inseparable throughout the whole vacation. Jordan, you have to visit soon!
Hayley and I are finally reunited after her 6-week stay in Florida. I am happy to have my Cheeky back and she looks happy to be back with me. She had much fun in Florida, though! She misses cousin Maddie, who was her constant playmate.
Well, that's probably all the trip pictures you have the stomach for today. And I need to start the post-vacation laundry spree. Food is put away, toiletries are put away, suitcases and duffle bags are emptied, cats are happy to see us (we like to think so, anyway), and trip pictures are uploaded. Would you believe me if I told you that I took over 800 pictures? I love digital technology! But not as much as Jim, you see. But I still love digital technology.


Dennis said…
I'm glad you're back safe and sound. I missed your daily dose of humor and wit. Looks like Hayley got some FL sun and that she's glad to see her mom. Sounds like a great time and even though the humming birds are pretty you really have to be careful of them because they'll sew your lips together.
froggybaby said…
So you know, Maddie went to bed in tears tonight because Hayley isn't here, we had to leave Colorado, etc. What a great vacation.
Jake said…
Sara and Jim, on behalf of our family, I would like to once again thank you for orchestrating our time at Durango. Fun was had by all.

Jen said…
Wow, you are so good about posting your pictures quickly. Mine are all still on the laptop which has to then be transferred to the Mac. It's just too overwhelming to think about at this point. I should just link to all your posts about Durango from my site...LOL.