More Lodge-istics

For a couple of nights, all the kids wanted to sleep outside. Katie and Morgan took the idea even further and slept outside on the actual ground. I'm amazed they weren't overrun by crazed marmots and coyotes. The other teenagers (Evan, Anna, Jimmy, Paul, Kayla and Jordan) all remained safely on the porch.
Here is Matt after a night of sleeping under the plentiful stars (you really can see heaps more stars from the lodge than you can here in suburbia. We saw the Milky Way too). He was unusually bed-headed but unlike some his age, he did remain outside the whole night.
Hayley also lasted the whole night outside.
Jen and Mom serve lasagna for their turn in the kitchen. Travis is in the back, doing who-knows-what to some aluminum foil. Making a hat that will protect his thoughts from aliens, perhaps?
Chess was a popular activity at the lodge as well, attracting many spectators, who I am sure would probably not watch otherwise. Unless Jimmy and Jordan were playing Full Contact Chess.
Someone broke a window one night by tossing pebbles at the window to attract the attention of some boys on the inside. According to the culprit, "The window never breaks in the movies!" Jim told the lodge owner, who told us not to worry about it, since he had extra panes of glass to fit the windows and he had to repair another one too (which we had noticed). Thanks, Russ! We made a temporary fix with the Handyman's best friend, Duct Tape (aka Duck Tape).

PS. Tomorrow you get a break from vacation slides because IT'S SOMEBODY'S BIRTHDAY. Somebody is turning 16! Tune in tomorrow to find out who it is! (Hint: it's not me)