Do I have to?

One more day of sitting shotgun in the little red pickup truck. I am so tired of being in a vehicle. We've been driving since Monday. I'm tired of eating out. I want homemade soup.

Are we there yet?

There. I got that out of my system. I am looking forward to Devil's Tower and the Black Hills. Then I will be looking forward to getting home and seeing the rest of the kids.

Check out my dad's blog (labeled "The Dad" on the sidebar, duh) for a "rundown" (HA) on Paul's first cross-country race. I'm glad he was able to go. I wish I could have been there, but there will be other races.

This is a short post because all I've done since I posted last is watch TV, sleep, wake up, sleep, wake up, sleep, wake up, sleep, wake up (I don't sleep very well in motels), shower and eat.

Next post will be made from home. Yay!


Since you are going thru the Black Hills, I am going to assume it is safe to say you are not traversing I-80 on your way home - Boo Hoo. I was hoping for a surprise visit. Funny thing - when we arrived at Josh and Courtney's yesterday morning, there was a vehicle out front with MN plates on. I thought, yippee, we get a bonus visit. No such luck. Safe travels to you :)
above post waz from Aunt Laurie
Aunt Laurie, yes, we drove through South Dakota. Sorry! We would have loved to stop to visit, but we had planned a Teton/Yellowstone/Devil's Tower trip for our ride home from Utah for months. Have fun visiting with Josh and Courtney! And say hello to Uncle Bud for me.