On the road again

We were just through here three weeks ago, coming back from Durango.

The drive is going well. The kids are in good spirits and the parents are too. I have discovered that I don't get car sick when I knit, but my shoulder does protest when I knit too long. I'm almost done with the second sock. Yay! Then there is Matt's alien head scarf to finish too (I have three alien heads done, two more to go!)

We stopped briefly at my cousin's house in Waukee, Iowa. Josh wasn't home, but his wife was and she had snacks set out for us (Thanks, Courtney!). We visited for about twenty minutes. They live in a nice area--very beautiful--rural but close to his job and close to a downtown area. Their dog Dacia is HUGE. I'm not sure she's actually a dog; she could be part horse. And Ciomara is a cute little girl and very friendly. Asher was asleep and Tristan and Melina (did I get the names right?) were at school.

What else can I tell you? The road is the same as it has been since I've known it these 22 years. The kids are behaving and the cars are too. (Cross your fingers and knock on wood)

Tonight we arrive in Salt Lake City.


Jessie said…
I pity you for making another road trip. I can only handle one a year. One summer, I made the SAME trip three times in two months - I couldn't drive for more than fifteen minutes at a time for like a month after that.
Jen said…
Glad to hear that your drive is going well. Poor Jim should start going by James and get himself a driving cap. That man has clocked more miles this summer than some truck drivers:)

How nice that you guys finally got to meet up with the Stubblefields. I met Josh and Courtney years ago, long before kids. It would be great to finally meet up again with all the kids now.
froggybaby said…
Glad the road trip is going well. I have thought lots about you guys. I'll be happy when you are out there. You need to go toddle around BYU just to reminisce (sp?). Remember the times TWENTY years ago. We look forward to hearing from you. Still no phone for me.
mastubz said…
So glad you got to stop and see my kids. Too bad Josh wasn't there. We will be there Fri - Monday this weekend. Any chance you might be passing by around then? I would be willing to just stand on the highway and wave at you ;) Have a great time in Provo and safe travels. I am sure Katie will have a great Freshman year.